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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  September 17, 2010 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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john hopkins hospital glomerulosclerosis a crime scene. why the shot shooter opened fir3 and the dd. 's condition this morning. a minute by minute breakdow3 of what happened, the a ko chaot caused and the questions about safety it raises. two major tea party victories in the primary election, the impact of its3 message to washington. good morning, and welcome to fox 45 morning news on thhs
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ffiday, september 17th morning. i'm megan gilliland. off. meteooologist steve fertig has s here with us. i don't know if we should say chilly. >> some places are chillier than others.ú >> but it feels cold to me. >> a little moisture in the air, it's 68 ddwntown but some areas toward the west are in the 50s, toward oakland we're3 seeing temperatures in the 50sú there. that'ssnot bad. and we're looking at temperatures that are going to be warming up into the low 80ss3 today, yeah, there's the satellite and radar. we picked up aallttll bit of rain, as much as .10 of an inch downtown and hundrrds at bwi where e hovel lemur. it'-- officially measure. here is the front pushing through thht brought us the raii. behind it wiil be drier. -ooler air will be on the way as we get into the beginning of next wwek. we will talk more abouttwhat is
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happening on the trrpics next right now lauren cooke has the traffic edge. >> reporter: so far so good on the main roads. we have high speedssincluding the northeast corridoo of 95. north of the beltway, you will see no delays to report southbound. yoo're looking at a 44minute3 drive with an average speed of 54 miles per hour. traffic is starting to pick up on the beltway from 95 to 83, still that stretch will often in there you'reelooking at ann3 average speed of 54 miles per hour. 795 too95, you're looking at an 11-minute ride with an average speed oo 55 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report.ú pattice, back to you. the sttff of john hhpkins hospital is now trying to recover this morning afttr a patient's son opens ffre on aa3 doctor, kills his mother, and then finally kklls himself. joel d smith is live at the hospital now to tell us how this
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chaotic scene played out. jmgood morning, joel. >> reporter: the nelson buuld behind me is wherr it haapened. yesterday this s about as close as you can get. bbrricaaes out here, s.w.a.t. teams, it was a chaotic scene for a whileein the late morning let's take you back when it all3 happened, we're at 11:00 yesterday mmrning. we are told that a patiint's son, paul warren pardus was talking to a dr. the dr. david cohenn about the status of his mother. hh was told that a recent surgery trring to help her out did not go well ann ppobably his mothee would never walk again. that isswhat is believed that he got up and shot the doctor. took a gun out of his waistband and shot the docttr. he then went into his mother's hospital room and barricaaed himsell in there. dr. cohen was shot in the stomach aad he is expected to recover.
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the hospital was put in lockdown. fbi teams were on hand and they position on the ground and on air. back inside, othing changed. pardus never lefttthat room. it was quiet for 2 1/2 hours. at 2:00 p.m., pooice confirmed that pardus shotthimsslf and his mother. ordeal for the doctors. >> my area is well secured, so i sat for an hourr >> what thoughts wwre running through your hhad t that point? >> that he could trr tooget in. i was actually kiid of scared. >> everybody is scaredd the patients are scared, nobody knows what is going on. >> reporter: police don't know exactly when the fatal shots were actually fired. ittwas quiet for a long time. they didn't hear the shots but they're treating this as a murder-ssicide. through the entire ordeal, ii's not like this entire complex was
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shutdown complettly. that is because it's oo big and theyyhad had person isolated to one area. as much as this was a crazy scenario, a lot of people were able o gg in nd out and do the business of the day when you are talking about saving lives and3 helping people here at john hookins hospital. askinn as this story started unfolding there were so many reports coming out. why was there conflicting informaaion at first. >> reporter: it's hard to understanding what was happening. the people in the hospital said that this person had been apprehended and the police ere clarifying what was happening. we relaid the information fromú viewers and eventually got the truth. even the name had chhnged because warren davis is the name he gave when he was in here. be john warren pardus.
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ú% gottit right. but we had to go with what people were telling us.ú ú%> joel, thank you very.3 we will cceck with you in a bit. the doctor wounded ii the shooting is identified as dr. david d cohen. ascended school the school of rochester. dr. cohen completed his residency and did hii medical fellowship at hopkiis..3 hopkins was put on lockdown as joel of the telling you there and the barricade caused chaos for hours. some were forced to stay outside of police lines, and others founn themselves trapped inside of the building. outside of the windows there. most of the people we talked to were of frustration and worry. %-it's awwul.trage. >> i think that is it's messed ú%. they have security, why don't ú%ey ave a major hospital like this where everybody rom around the world comes here. -p>> in the early stages of the this incident, police said that
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the gunman's real name was warren davis. his reallname is paul warren he was 50 years old and lived ii arlington, virginiaa -ardus had a handgun permit in this state. news of the shoooing sent shock waves through the shooter's arlington, virginia neiggborhood. neighbbrs say that the pardus lived with his mother, loved her and the two appeared to be very he was devoted to er and took care of her in and out of hospital. >> it was a 24-hour jjb for im. he rarely ever stayed in thh house. the hospital was his home. >> neighbors say that pardus kept to himself and never spoke of any troubles that he was havinn. >> the suspect's brother spoke out after the shooting and. provided insight as to the
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shooting. alvin gibssn said that his mother had arthritis and rheumatism and even after the shooting she never would have been able to walk again. his brother paul tthught she was suufering and could not bear to see hhr the way she wws. >> there was -- he could have done everything he could. she was -- had back problems. he just wanted to stay with her and to be with her as much aa he could. >> gibson says he did not talk toohis brother at all thursday beforr the hooting. here is a recap of thursday's events. police say at 11:111a.m., 50 years old paul pardus shoo a ddctor at the nelson building in john hopkkns. parts of that building were evacuuted and police securrd the floor where that shooting took place. his mother dead iinide of the a room from gunshot wounds. a woman is hhld captive and torttred for nearry a year
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inside of a rac reisterstown apartment apartment. police say thee22 years old womaa was beaten so badly part of her upper lip is missing and she is now blind in oneeeye. police have arrested kimberly king and her boyfrieed. %-woman and held her captive ine the bathroom of their nearly a year while they stole her disability money. >> unfortunately on september the 9th, the victim was able to awake from her coma. investigators that she in fact this been held falsely imprisoned in an apartment in reisterstown. -p>> king and smith are held without bail on charges of attempted murder, asssult and false impriionmentt worms found in candy at john hopkins hospiial catches the attention of the city health
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department. the department is now investigating that incident after a 14 years old girl found those worms in three reese's peanut butter cups that she bought at the hopkins gift shop. the girl got food poisoninn as a result of eating that candy and shelves.ince been pulleddoff the feel the beat. how you can get a feel for a different kind of music coming up next in our hometown hot spot. and karl, igor and julia% still lurk out in the atlantic. there's a threat ú
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we're hearing analog synthesizer and corn star monster. we're going to have a workshop where kids willlbe aale to build electronic guitars. ú% there's a lot going on at the festival besides the demonstrations. >> yeah, we're going to have 10 electronic musicians peeforming in our parkinn lot starting at 1:00 and they're going to perform until 8:45. we're going to are presentations on different shot of ware that you can use to create electronic music.3 >> mike, we will cheek back with you, but what is the little making there when he poured it into. >> that's the cornstarch monster.ú that is going to creete a bunch of crazy shapes using sound. >> mike, hank you very much. we are going to check ack in and see wwat else you are up to
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>> thank you. >> electronic a feet is at the national electric museum tomorrowwfrom 10:45 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for more information log on to it's rather dry. we had a little rain move through laat night. it was a littte bit, we need more than we got. we got about .100 of an inch of rain t the bww and ii the downtown area, .10 of an inch but still not enough toomake uu ú%e showers moving further point east offfof delaware and the souttern part of new jersey. we had earlier moving off the southern part of the eastern here isswhat we got, drier air moving in now ann pprtly loudy skies, 68 degrees for the temmerature. it'' a mild start, the skies plenty of sunshine later today. west winds at 11 miles per hour. temperatures in the 60s in
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most spots to the north. 70 in salisbury and dc. frontal boundary pushes through. that brought us showers yesterday. cominn our way. that northerly flow with high ú%essure is going to keep us on the cool side. it's comffrtable with low %-we will get cooler air as we t the next front pushing through on sunday into mmnday. that will set the stage in the 70s. we need more rain and not going to find it ere. we will find plenty of rain down hurricane karl moves toward the eastern part of mex. obviously it could be a probbem it'' a major hurricane as it has now strrngthened. it could reach category iv status. later today indicating :00 on our model and tropical storm-fooce inds after that. meanwhile, urricane igor poses 127-mile-an-hour winds as it makes its way over bermuda by
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llte unday into monday. it may just bring us sttong rip curreets toward oceen city. that is the only way we will be impacted the hurricane julia is weakeeing and stays well out in the atlantic ocean. as far as today goes, the eastern shore should be nice,3 starting out with partly cloudy ss it!!aa asswe get to 84 degree cloudy start. the western part of the maryland 79 degrees ooler with mostly clear skies, northwest winds at 5-10. overnight 60 degrees wiih cleaa skies and then tomorrow, we're in fact, the whole weekend. 89 degrees a lot of sunshhne for tomorrow. 82, mostly sunny on monday. a few more clouds later in nighht just not a lot of moiiture will bring our way. 77 and 79 for the mondayyand still dry with a lot f sun. 86 ask armer for wednesday and 84 for thursday with jjst a fee
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ú%ouds out there, but generally dry conditions still. now for a look at what is happening on the roaddays,,here is lauren cooke who has the traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we do have trouble i howardd3 county, we are dealing with an accident in esssp. it's going to be on the montevideo road. if you're travellng there's no problems to tell. here is a live looo at 195, you will notice everything is up to speed. you're looking at a high of 66 miles per hour traveling north. it will be an easy drive as you make your way toward the beetway. an 8-minute drive through the fort mack henry tunnel and a 5--inute drive thhough the harbor tunnel. an accident at liberty heights avenue that yyu want toowatch out for. we're looking at 54 miles per %-checking in and taking a live look, you will notice that everything is moving along this you're traveling at 695 at parkville.
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it will be an eaay drive as you maak the push toward towsonn if you're traveling on are harrisburg expressway, nothing to get in your way. at warren road, it will be wide open makiig for a nice and easy ride on theebeltway making a push toward the beltway. back to you. still ahead chaos at john hopkins hospital. >> everybody is scared,,the %--ooody knoww wwat is going on3 >> how the community is reacting ú%is morning to a urder-suicidd within its walls llsten 24 hours ago. %-the industry that could haveb,
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stocks saw little movement
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again on thursday endinggthe day virtually flat. the dow cllsed at 10,194. ledgation aimed tt help small business one step closer to becoming law. the senate passed the small business act. supporters say it will create 500,000 new jobs. the ouse approved the plan and is expected to pass the senate's version before the president obama signs it intoolaw. ú%e poveety level spiked to 14.18% witt more than 43 million americans ii need. that's the highest number in the 42 years of recordkeeping. 16% of americans didn't have3 medical insurance. more than 55 million people lacked health insurance in 2009. looking for a job, boeing says the airline should be hiring. the aircraft maker says airrines worldwide will need to hire an
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average of 30,000 pilots and maintenance wookers each yyar until 2029 to prepare for a wave nee aircrrft. the airline prepares to deliverú 20,000 new aircraft by 2029. still ahead, shots ring out inside of john hopkins hospital. >> i'm outragee. this is awful. >> are they back to business as usual thhs morning? next majorrupsets in the primary elections. our d.c. insider weighs in on what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. for the money you'd spend on a stripped down new car, you could get a fully loaded, guaranteed-quality used car
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at carmax. now more than ever, the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be.
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 stroke strong tea party movementt could face the of the
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upcoming term election. thee're turning out all over the country fighting for change. hoo uch power do they really have. our d.c. er and commentator joys us s ú%r the washington wrap. -p do you think that they hae ú%at it takee to change an election. what seems to be ancient now when scott brown won in massachusettt in the line of the seat. that should have told youuand given you ome insight abbut this mooement. the thing about the tea party for me as a journalist nd also a private sit cent. i think it's one of the best things that has happeeed to the unnied states in a long time, ott movement and the reason why, they don't have a leader. they ddn't have some face plate. the tea party is against over bloated government, out of conttol sppnding.
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many people still go to washington and cut these deals. they still insert their pork spending foo their constituencies and what do we ú%ve we have a faileddeconomy, a struggling economy. when you pull the sheets ack, republicans and democrats are in debt alike. the tea party is an extension of the gopp peeple. thaa's the best thing about it. it's ppople who have grown disgruutlee for a long time. we have awaaened a sleeping giant. the fact that the republican candidate didn't win in delaware it goes to tell that you the3 sometimee the republican candidate is no different than tte democratic candiddte. ttey're the peeple that are willing to mmke the channes that necesssrr to isn't america notú -usttfor themselves for the >> do ou thinn it's going to move into more of an incumbent election, if it oesn't have to
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do with republican and democrat. >> reporter: i think what is -oing to happen, will you see where the gop and the democratic parties forming an alliance to start a roote and mute the poww3 of the tea party, because they are both being affected by t. %-outcome is going to be.hat the you are starting to see a3 3rd party movement which is something that was unfact am al. the tea party may not lass, but necessary and needed time in our history. look at how the eurrpeans are reducing spending and how thed united tates is refusing to follow suit. >> o you think that the candidates are responding to the tea party movement and are changinn what they are sayinggto fit that movementt seeing how large ittis.3 >> reporter: due see the gop in isarray when they realized that kenneth had lost. did yyu hear the words of carl
6:28 am
rove. thousand they're trying to party. what is it that they're advooating when thhy're not doing it.ú when it as benefiting them, they haa no criticiim, the tea party is not cutting no backdoor deals thattis going o further the line and hurt the american it'sstheereal deal and both because they will pay the price if they don't. >> we will no doubt see their power cooing november. have a great weekend. ú%> thaak you. coming up a tornado in newú york, thh damagg the major storm left cross the bbg apple. >i'm joel d smith live at john hopkins hospital where a ú%sserray a man shot a doctor and killeddhis own mother and
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[ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. good morning, you're taking a ook at the community wakinn up his morning aa john hopkins
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-hspiial and waking up to tragic news related to the yesterday's murder-suicide that happened insiie the hospital. we have joel d smith inside of the hospital and he is going to let us know how thiigs are shaping out there. i'mmmegaa gilliland. let's chhck in with meteorologist steee ffrtig and see how the weekknd is shaping we can't forget that it's friiay and purple friday indeed. >> we need nor rain and took a little last night mmking a dent in the deficit. that sswhat is going to be with us into the next weekend. pushiig hrough, and only .100 tt point 10 of an inch of rrin. we needed more and we will get a chance bit end of nnxt week. we are looking at dry conditions. a mild start, tempeeatures in the 60s to the low 70s throughout the state. we ill ggt up to 83 degrees for -he high for a pleasant afternoon and more sunshine on
6:32 am
the wwy for the rest of the weekend. all rightt there's a lot of activity in the tropics brewing. we will tell you all about that and who might be under a threat regarriig the current problems and the tropical conditions. right now lauren cooke has thee traffic edge. >> reporter: fortunately thhre's not too much activity on ú-we are dealing with an accidet at northwest parkway at liberty3 heights avenue. if you're trafulling the west side of theebeltway, we are expecting ssow speeds, -- not she speeds but high speeds. it will remain clear from 795 to 95, that will take you 12 minutes and there yoo're lookinn at an averageespeed of 53 miles per hour. we will remain clear from 95 to 83. you're look atha looking aa an e ride there. froo whiteearsh boulevard to the beltway, you're loo looking a 4-minute ttip at 55 mills per hour. that's the traffic edge report.
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megan, back to you. gunfirey results inside of jjhn hopkins hospittl. a pptient's son opens fire on a doctor, kills hhs mother and finally himself. thii morning's staff at that hoopital is trying could recover. joel d smith is live here with the latest on what is happeeing >> reporter: good morning, megan. thingg are back to normal as normal as they can be after a crazy yesterday. let's go over he time line. it happened at 11:00 in the morning, 8th floor of the nelssn building. %-was talking to the doctor.údus he heard news that he didn't like from davvd cohen and ttok a ú%n out of his waistband and shht cohen in the stomach. the hop was immediately put on as manyyareas were vacuated. the s.w.a.t. team was here and %-ground and the air and making
6:34 am
sure that ttings were contained. the 8th floor and that is where he was. -t was quiet ffr 2 1/2 hours, so finally police used their robots to take a peek inside. >> inside the room were abbe to see that mr. davis was down on the floor uffering from an apparent guushot wound and that in mother bed. the tactical team made entry assistance ffon team medical personnel determiied ttat both mr. davis nd miss davis were indeed deceased.ú >> reporter: police say they did not hear the shots. they don't know exactly when those were fired but they areú treating it as a murddr-suicide.
6:35 am
during this ordeal some areas is this a place that is verr large, coverssa big area a lost places still needed to d3 business and being able to help -eople throughout the day. obviously, it's a hospitaa situation here, megan. they diddthe best they coull to let people still come and out. >> we eard commissiiner fred bealefeld referreddto the shoooer as warren davis. we have been referring to him as paul warren pardus, why he discrrpancy of names. was going by a an alias. he was going by warren davis. when this all happeneddthey knew him as warren davis. they reported that. eventually police after they found that he had shot and killed himsslf, they found hiss real name to be joo john warren3
6:36 am
pardus. you can check it out at and click on %-shootiin and being identifiedú dr. david b cohen. is a hoppins faculty. degree frrm the public school of public health. he completed his his residency and feellwship at john hopkins. ú%en the shooting happennd, hopkins was put on lockdown and the barricade caused chaos for hours. some people forced to stay outside oo police lines. others found themselves trapped inside of ttat building. mosttoo people we talked to wer3 ú%ll of frustratiin and worry. >> this is awful. they have to secure the area, why don't they have a major hospital like this where eeerybody from around the world comes. at the early stages of the
6:37 am
incident, police said that theú gunmmn's name was warren day da, they later leaaneddthat was an aliass his real name, paul warren pardusshad a wanted gun permit in the state. neighbors telllus that pardusú lived with his mother and loved ú%r and appeared to be her sole caretaker. news f he shooting sent shock3 wavee through the virginia neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors say home. it was clear that the son was devoted to is elderly mother hospital. >> it was like a 24-hour job for him. when ou saw him, it was a visit. he rarrly stayyd in the home. the hospital was is home. >> reporter: he is accused of turning the gun on hhmself and his other is stunning.
6:38 am
>> once ii a while you will would see her. you would ask her that question. i'm really, really upset and shocked about it. >> and he as always kept to his self. you know, like a private person. >> reporter: most live here in theecommunity in arling ton have been here for years, the new customees. if he was troubled or had trouble taking care of her, he neverrspoke about t. >> whatever happened, he had aú% good side and he loved hiss3 mother. that clearly showed through. it clearly showed throuuh. will never know. may hey both rest in peace. the suspect'ssbrother also spoke out following the shooting and provided some nsight as to the why behind the incident. alvin gibson says that hhss3 mother hhd arthritis rheumatism and even after surgery she probably would never have bben able to walk again.
6:39 am
gibson believes that his brother paul thought she was suffering and couldn't bear to see hee that way anymore. >> thhrr was really -- they were close ssments he coul!!!!. he could have done everything he could. she had back prrblems. she just wanted o stay with him and be with him as best as she couldd >> gibson says he did not talk to his brother at all before the >> here is a reeap all of the eents that happened on thursday3 john pa ardus shot a doctor. policeesecurrd the floor where the shooting took place. at 1:30 police found pardus and his mother dead inside of a room from guushot wounds. today people are sking how an incident like this could have happened. john cop kin hopkins radically 3
6:40 am
attacks on virgiiia tech. the visitors received wrist banns and they started text alerts but as for metal detectorss >> i heard the question about magnetometerr, aad there's only one or two institutions that i'3 aware of, hospitals that have them and they're not on the east coast. p>> a could hav hoff enberger me slightly bbt hh was not too far off. two hospitals in the east have metal detectors. they are the hhspitaa at georgia and the hospital at the university of pennsylvania. >after nearly a week on the -un, a baltimore fugitive is captured. all the waa in washington state. paul palmer was caught can his girlfriend. ginastep hr!ano.
6:41 am
robbery. students at maryland harbor park are waking up afer this man they say involved in a %-he is one of tte ttree suspecs in the armed robbery along route 1. prince george's county police say there were ive robberies in %-most of those attacks happened to students. police are still looking forrthe two men involved. challenger gregg berrstein has increased his lead over incumbent patricii jeesamy over the vote. following tuesday's primaries, beenstein led jessamm by nearly 1300 votes. after countinn hundreds of absentee ballots yesterday,3 officials say he has extended his leed by 70.
6:42 am
bernsteei sspporters say it's time for jessamy to concedd. we would hope that miss concede and recognize the ineviiability of her loss. >> so many baltimore voters didn't even bother to vote in this election. i think had they done that, miss jessamy would ave been in much better shape. >> bernstein caapaign issued a statement saying, quote, we are pleased to see abssntee ballot %-report.oncede with the finalú the voter turn out election, was the lowest since recordkeeping began in 1982. according to the unofficial numbers, 22% headed to the polls. garrett county had i highestt 40% of registered voters there ú%me out. stay with us for latest information on the november elections.
6:43 am
just go to 2010. well, sttll to come, neee a dose of the great indoors. >> it feels like the thing bit -e. >> the news flick hittingg3 threaters this wwekend. >and traffic is really disarting to pick u %3
6:44 am
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:45 on what prrmises to be a nice looking prie friday and a greet weekend to follow. we picked p as much as .100 of an inch of rain and not enough to make upponna huge deficit. it's better than any amount of going to see a whole lot.'re not it's out to the eaat out of or r way. temperature is at 66 degrees at
6:46 am
the inner harror. the dew oinn is at 61, closer to that temperature yesterday. not quite ssdry. 68 degrees in baltimore and 71 in d.c.3 70 in salisbury, up in3 hhgerstown 54 and the cool spot is akland at 54 degrees. the frontal boundary that pushed last night has moved off to the east but high pressure moves in on the eastside of that high, we're going to get to cooler air that ill be with us, as the next front pushes through on sunday nightt behind that front no rain we have. obviously there's a big differeece in the weaaher conditions down toward the tropics north of the bayof cam and the hurricane car karl makes way onnhore as category iv hurricane. that is theemost immediateeyy3 we have hurricane igor that is
6:47 am
headed toward bermuda. you see bermuda aad it moves right over bermuda by overnight monday into sunday morning. we will be watching that, also. the on thing it will do for us is increase the rin rip current. as far as julia is concerned, it's increasing in strength. it stays well over the atlantic it does nnt pose a threat to anybody. here is what weehave at the eastern shore. it hould beenice this afternoon after the cloodier start. we will see partly to mostly cloudy then. it will be a little breezy there. the central part of the tate, winds dying down ssme, down 5-10 later in the afternoon.ú right now 0-15, but 83 degrees for the high doesn't sound so bad with a lot of sunshine on the way. back to the west ww are look at temperatures climbing to mostly sunny and a 5-10-mile-an-hour wind. tonight it turns maiily clear,ú 60 degrees for the overnnght low, a little bit above the3 average off57 this time of year. 81 degrees for tomorrow, a lot of sunshine,, real nice
6:48 am
weekend, 82 on sunday with mmstly sunny skies, the front brings just a chance of increase cloud cover but no rain unday night into monday. 78 and 79, a little cooler, behind the front onnmondaa and tuusday, and 86 for tuesday, 84 for thursday, still plenty of sunshine then. what is appening on the roadways, let's check in with lauren cooke.3 >> reporttr: we do have trouble this morninggon the jfx. we're dealing with an accident aaong the northbound lanes at northern parkway. we're dealing with another accident as we head west on noothwest parkway at liberty heights avenue that you do want to watch out for. %-side.waffling at the west sheer a live look at liberty road. 67 miles per hoor along the outer loop as s we make our way tt parkville. it should be a smooth ride as we make he push towarddprovidence3 road. we do, however have an accident in howard county that we want to watch ouu for. it's going to be on the southbound lanes of monte videe road. that is the traffic dge
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new this morning, staff at john hopkins hospital are trying to recover this morning after a man shoots a doctor and turns the gun on himself and his mother. paul warren pardus shot the doctor and he barricaded inside of his mother's room, shot her aad shot himself. the dr. cchen was shot in the stomach but issexpected to survive.ú >> a possible tarnoid' moves through new york city leaving one person dead. the personnwas a driver thaa was killed wwen a tree fell er car. several other minor injuries are reported. theeweather service is sending exxerts to determine whethee or
6:52 am
not the touch doww really happeeed. 1 in 7 americans areú suffering from poverty according to the survey and that never could rise given the -- that number could rise given he faulterring economy. >> reporter: more ameriians financially. new census figures shows a record 43.7 million people were in poverttty people. that is up 14.3%. >> fist off, it's very %-it's a perfect lesson in humilitt. the biggest adjustment i had problem with is being able to separate the wants from yyur needs. >> repprter: to be considered in poverty a family of 4 needs to make less than. the president's $887 miilion stimulus plan helped stem people from gettinggdeeper into poverty
6:53 am
ann as a safety net for others. %-spending rather than continuig ú% cling to the worn out notion that we can spend our way back democrats are fighting over whether to extend bush ra tax cuts to those making over $250,000 a year. democrats say helping the rich isn'tthelping others in thhs economy. >> the tax cutssat the high-end have nnt produced any jobs. they have only increased the deficit. we're still paying the price that they have contributed to the deficit all along. >> reporter: te new poverty figure shows it hit every ethnicity except asians and the traditional poor southern region as well. analysts predict the poverty rate is expected to climb hitting 16% over the next decade. in washington, i'm sandrr endo. coming up in our 7:00 hour, rock out with some great prizes. how you can win if you beat buck
6:54 am
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rm bank robbers to high schoolers to the devil himself. it seems like evvrybody has something to hide this weekend in threaters. ben affleck despite being the best at whaa he does, he looos to escape the lifestyle. >> his parents left him a less aggie olegacyof pain. >> when he begins to form a relationship with a former hostage, a decision must be madd. betray his friends oo llse the woman he loves. and stone is tip towing around the truuh in this weekend. while she studies the scarlet letter, she gets ideas on how to manipulate the body.
6:57 am
>> easy a is rated pg13. we are robbers and high schoolers leading double3 identities, but someone in it elevator has them beat..3 one of these trapped people just might e the devil himmelf. >> it looksslike he bit me. >> she ell into me. >> this is the first offthe knife chronicles, a new series of films based on on ideas. the minds directly behind the creepy film correlate. "devil is rrted pg13. new reasons why not o ttxt while driving. i'm joel d smith, where yesterday a an shot the doctor of his motherrand then shot his mother and also killed himsell. straight ahead, why so
6:58 am
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nowwon fox 45 morning news. a doctor is shot then the gunman turns the gun on himself and his john hopkins hospital becomes a crime scene. it's onnthe other side. >> why the shooter opened fire morning.3 >> a minute by minute breakdown of what happened, the chaos it ccused and the questions of safetyyit raises. >> they know rock 'n' roll, but whattabout the grid iron. how you can win great prizes if you beat buck's predictions. good morning, you're taking a live look at john hopkins hospital this morning where a lot of staff are recovering after a very tragic day yesterddy. a man opened fire inside that hospital killing himssef and also his mother inside.
7:01 am
we haveejoel d smith live out there, he is going to bring us an update on how things are shaping up this morning in a little bit. welcome to fox 45 morninn news, -oday is friday, september 17th. i'm megan illiland. patrice harrisshas the mmrning off. because it's friday, that means it's your turn o sound ff on our ace book page without anything that you want. whatever s on your mind..3 let us know what you're thinking ú%d your response could air on the facebook feedback segment. bbcome a fan and join in on the conversation, a lot of people weighinn in this morninn. we're going to check in with meteorologist steve fertig and see what is sounding off on. ú% 1, 2. >>sound off. >> that's right. we're sounding offfon rain, becauseeit's out of hereenow. now we're signing on to some sunshine coming our way. >> i like it. but only .100 offan in.of a rain the radar is goong to show you the ain moving to the east.
7:02 am
as the high pressure builds back in where the frontal boundary pushed through before. now 68 degreessfor a starting temperature at the us stop. 67 in baltimore, 70 ii d.c. the same for salisbury in %-even biz i 50s in the material westerextremewestern part of th. it should be a nice aaternoon and we will talk about the great weekend and weather brewwng in the traffics is verr active -- there. we do have trouble on the jfx. we are dealing with an accident at the northbound. if you have to travel in the area, get off at cold spring lane, taae cold spring to falls and get back on the northern parkway. if you're ttaveling on the left side of the parkway, here is a you will notice quite a bit of congestion that is developing.
7:03 am
a 13-minuteeride. it will be heavy n the west side of he bbltway from 795 to 95, you're looking at a 14-minute trip withhan average fortunately no problems to travel. you're looking the a 4-minute ú%ip. that's the traffic edge report. megan, back to you. the staff of john hopkins hospital is trying to recover this morning after a patient's kills his mother nd then finally himself. joel ddsmith is live at the hospital now to tell us how ttough ccaotic scene ppayed out and howwthings are shaping up this morning. good morning, joel. what is happening now. >> reporter: thankfully not much is happening. that issggod news considering the nelson building is behind me. thissis how close you could get because of he barricade and all of the action here yesterday. this happened yesterday around 11:00. let's take you through it right now. that's when a doctor was talking
7:04 am
to paul warren pardus about his mother, 84 years old jean davis. apparently a recent surgery didn't go very well. that upset pardus. waistband and shot the doctor in the abdomen area.3 inno his mother's room, ande ran barricaded himself for a long time. the hospital was put on lockddwn. fbi agents were here and the s.w.a.t. team were in here. they werr on the grounn and n tte air tryinggto secure the back inside, pardus never left that room. it was quiet for 2 1/2 hours. around 2:00 p.m., police did confirm that pardus shot and himself. for the co-workkrs of the doctor shot, this whole situation just unreal. >> my area is well secured, so i sat for an hour.
7:05 am
>> what that's you were running through your heat at that point3 >> he could actually try to get in. i was actually kinddof scared. >> everybody is scared. the patients are scared. nobody knows what is going on. >> reporter: police don't kkow exactly when the shots were fired. they didn't actually hear when it happened. they eventually sent in a robot to look around and they went in ú%d found the rest. they are charging this as a murder-suicide. things are back to normaa here. when people see us know what we're talkkng about. they give uu a nod and they're trying to get over that it happened. a lot of shock here,. it's a chaotic scene. we heard a lot of different reports coming out while all of this was happening. a lot of our viiwers wondering why it happened that way. >>there were different stories coming out of here rosecute reliable -- from reliable
7:06 am
sources. two spokes people were tellingú us different things. whether he was apprehended or not, what his nameewas,,two ddfferent sources were telling us these things so it was difficult to get the informaaion out. when you heer from the people, all youucan do is as journalist isstell he public what is happening. coming out at those different points. >> the right information is certainly out there now. joel. thank you so much. yep. the doctor wunded in the -hooting s being identifiid as dr. video ohen. is an orthopedic surgeon who attended the university of rochestee. dr. cohen completed his rrsidency and did his medical fellowship at john hopkiis. when thh shooting happened, hopkins was put on lockdown and the barricade caused chaos for hours. sooe people were forced to stays outside of police lines for3 hours and most of tte people we
7:07 am
talked to were fearful and full worry. >> well, i thought it was a fire just wait until the police told, him that it was okay to come up that door. cars. >> in the early stages of that ú%gunman's name was warren davi. thee later learned that was an alas. his real name was paul warren pardus. he was 50 years ld and lived in arlington, virginia. pardus had a handgun perrit in news of the shooting sent shock waves through the neiggborhood. pardus lived withhhis mother, llved her and the two were veey close. he appeared to be the sooe caretaker. he was devoted to her and was taking hee in and out of hospital. >> he had a good side and he loved his mother, that clearly showed through. >> if she had to go in the ambulance orranything, he road
7:08 am
with her. i told her when i ssen him walking out, that she had a great son. not too many sons like that and this is hard to believe. >> pardus kept to himself and never spoke of any troubles he was having. he suspect's brotherrspoke out after the shooting and providee insight as to why behind the this inciient. %-mother had arthritis aad rheumatism and even after the surgery she probably would neveú be able to walk again. paul couldn't bear seeeng her suffering and probably couldn't >> he did everything he could. %-he just wanted to stay with hr and toobe with her as much as h3 could.ú >> gibson says he did not talk to his brother at all yesterday before the shooting happened. today people are hhw an
7:09 am
incident like this culd have even happened? john hopkins raaically changed has security policy after he shooting rampage at virrinia tech. thousands of visitors who come through eveey day receive wrist bands and the hospital started using text alerts. but as for metal detectors. >> put a magnetometer at 80 doors. and the required armed fooce that would need to be taffing the magnetomeeer is not realistic. hoff enberger misspoke -lightly. two ospitals in the east coast have metal detectors, grady -ossital at the atlanta, georgia. and the hospital at university of pennsylvania. at 11:11 paul pardus shot a docttr at the nelson uilding in john hopkiis. parts of that building were evacuated and the pollce secured the floor where the shooting
7:10 am
took place.3 at 1:30 police found pardus andú his mother dead inside of one room from gunshot wounds..3 a woman iss eld captive and tortured for nearly a year inside of the rice sisters townn apartment. authorities have arrested kimberry king and jermaine smith. the motive money..3 they are accused of stealing the 22 years old vvctim disability -oney. policc uncovered the crime after king took the woman to the hospittll he told the hospital that he found the woman if a pool of blood in baltimore city. but detectives determined that he made it up. %-9th, the victimmwas able toh wake-up from her coma. inveetigators that she in act, had been held falsely imprisoned in an apartment in reisterstown.
7:11 am
held without bail on harges includiig attempted murder and assauut. coming up, it is electric,,3 the memuuical mayhem going at te national electronics museum. sky hd radar indicates it's dry right now. it wasn't aaways that way. nnght, some needed ú
7:12 am
7:13 am
p>> it is music to your ears ears. you can hear synthesized effects. good morning, mike. >> how is it going? >> great. the last time we checked in with you, we saw cool demonstrations, things jumping insideeof a sseaker there. tell us about that?ú >> yeah, that is just a speaker cone with water and cornstarch in it. >> how does it make so they form little shapes, how does hat happen? >> the cornstarch is kind of thick and itistics togethe it se speeker lays it vibrates causing it o dance. >> this is one of many demonstrations that we can come out and check out. there's going to be a workshop. the kids will be abbe to build guitars. we're going to have a workshop for adults so hey will be able3
7:14 am
to build the real worring instruments that you can play without touching. >> we will hear the sounds that i can kind of hear in the background. >> mike, very cool. we're going to check in with you in a little bit and see what else you're up to. thank you. >> thank you, electric a fest is on west nursery road. it's tomorrow from 10:00 8:45 p.m. for more information check out our webbite at foxbaltimore.ccm/morning. checking out the current conditions. hhreeis what we got, 67 degrees out therr and partly cloudy skiesmenn we had rain but only .10 of n inch in the nnt too bad, we're going to enjoy plenty of sunshine for the foreseeable forecast future, that means in the next 7 dayss 70? d.c.
7:15 am
salisbury.70 degrees as well in a mild start this morning, oakland at bowe 54 degrees, hhe temperatures will climb into the 80s for the most part. the western keets wit counties r air. high pressure builds in and the dry air is here wrrte is very3 nice and we will enjoy it. the next front is not going to be with it is not going to come much moisture. we are not going to see as much of rain aa approximat it pushes3 sunday niggt. i don't mean o be disappointed thht we have preety weather. when you bring the rain this much you want to see a day or two. hurricane karl, you wwnt to see category 3 hurricane. it mayygood morning a category iv hurricaae, so this is a major hurricane as it quickly picks up streng and make!!strength as it. we are talking about the active tropics, 173-mile-an-hour wind,
7:16 am
gusting to 135. we make rip currents that strengthened over the weekknd but the real threat is right here to bermuda where it ooos like to ttis model that it moves right over that area, bviously3 we will be racing themselves for that and we hope that they get through thisswithout much problem at all. we got julia out there. %-julia is eakening in strength and it's hard to find out. category 1 hurricane it stays out in the atlantic ocean. it's not posing a threat to anyone. as far as the rest of the -orecaas, eastern shoreegetting up to comfortable 88 degrees with partly cloudy skies, a 10-15-mileean-hour wind over the west northwest. the central part of the state climbing o 83 degrees.3 we hould get there at 3 or 4:00 this afternoon. back to tte west, as i said, a llttle cooler air not geeting out of the 70s, but 79 degrees won't feel too bad with clear skies. tonight the 60 degrees with mainly shrear skie clear skies a
7:17 am
5-10-mile-an-hour wind. after today's 83. a nice weekeedd 82 sunday, mostly clear skies until late sundayy the front rings more cloud cover, that's it and 78 and 79ú with the cooler air moving in for mondayyand tuesday. still sunny, 86 and 84 for the wednesday and thursday. the tropiis are becommng very active over the next couple of weeks, we will have to keep you updattd because there cculd be more on the way. let's sse what happening on the roadways. here is the traffic edge with lauren cooke. >> reporter: you do want to expect slow speeds traveling on we have two accidents at the same location, both on the northbound lanes at northern parkway. the ramp to northern parkway will be shutdown. if you do need to get there, get off the cold spring exit, take that to falls road and get back for those of you traaeling the west ide of the beltway, no problems to talk about. checking in nddtaking a live look at liberty road, where things are moving alongg
7:18 am
high, 48 miles per hour along the outer loop. your way to parkville of course, checkinggin and taking a look at harford road. down. that is will continue as you make the push toward providence road. it's on bossily avenue at york rood and another at carroll county at westminister at alter road. that's the traffic edge report. stay with us, we will tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan.
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-p new this monk, staff at jn hopkins hospital re trying to recover today after a mannshoots a doctor and then turns the gun on himself and his mother. police say paul warren pardus shot dr. david cohen arouud 11:00 yesterday morning after getting some bad nnws about his mother's recent surgery. he then barricaded himself
7:21 am
he shot her and thennhe shot.3 himself. dr. cohen was shot in the stomach, but he is expected to survive. worms found in candy at john hopkins, catches the attention of the ccty ealth department. the department is now affer a 14-year-old girl fouud those worms in three reese's peanut utter cups that she bought at the hospital gift shop. the girl got diaggosed with food poisoning as a result of that >> shannon sharr it off of the hhok noo after the woman who filed a restraining ordee against him was dropped. she alleged thatthe threatened her life. the restraining order was filed last week and has now been dismissed..3 no word on why. it's considered tte 3rd domestic crrme n the nation for the ffi.
7:22 am
girls as young as 9 and 10 yyars old forced into prostitution called human trafficking. we are here with a part of an effort to bring an end and a stop tt this huge problem. -p>> this is a huge problem anda lot of people don't know thaa it's happening. >> yes, and they don't know it's happening domestically. it's a hugeeinternationalú %-to ake a stand here inwe have baltimore. it's wraapeddup in the gann situation that we have. you know there's a rising gang with the drugs and the weapons. we have to look out for our youth between the ages of 12 and 144especcally and our young women. >> thht is so, so so young toobe -alking about this kind off3 stuff, very serioou issues for them. how are you able o spot this kind of crime. how were you aale to see that could bb happening to someone you nigh might know. >> you could ride down the street and see a young woman addicted to drugs.
7:23 am
you don't know why. you mmy judge her before you know her situation. she could have beee recruited. traafickerr recruit children. ú%ey come to sshools and after school programs. you ould be at a party and someone will try to recruit you. there are different tactics. went people o look out for the different signs that they look to recruit you. there's a lover boy approach where a young boy seems relationship with a young woman and turn her to prostitution. they use oldee females to solicit younger females. ú%'s a huge problem. >> we are trying to raise awaaeness to make sure that the young girls undeestand the signs. >> first and fore most, use your resources, everybody. hhman trafficking is huge and we're having a big evenn. it's called if you could walk a mile in our shoes heel a thon. ii's the second heel a thon that we're having and we're going to
7:24 am
have a human trafficking 101 section attthe end of it that human trafficking is.s of what >> this is noo just for girls, it's for men and women. >> we are having a mother-daughter walk. this is for men as well. >> they could see this happennng and they could do something for stopping? >> absolutely and a father's young woman ace life. it's beautiful to see that. and it's also to get educated -ith them as welll >> now the big thing we have to add and we're out of time ii this is nooeasy feat here. >> yes, we are. i wann to giie a shout out to signature inc. models. >> and look at those heels. >> white a mish and you guy -- n and you guys are oing it for a good thing. >> guys in the heels, good luck to them and the men are wearing them, too.
7:25 am
p>> later on fox 45 morning opening the lines off3 communication, find out what other viewers just like you are talking about in the facebook feedback segment. picking uu a football.
7:26 am
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baltimore ravens at cinccnnnti bengals, of course, iim going with the ravens. >>go with the ravens. >> you all men only that one. >> steelers at tennessee titans, that is going to be a good game. >> he is from pittsburgh, it's going to be an easy one for the steelers. you think? >> yes. >> you got the replacement young, i don't kind of >> you are goiig with the steelers. >> i'm going to go with the ú%eelers. p> i'm nott i'' going with the tittns on this one. i went with the teelers the first week. i can't do it two weeks in a r row. >> kansas city and cllveland browns. clevvland played out tampa and it was a blackouttgame. >> i'm going to go with the >> i'm going to agree with yyu
7:29 am
on that one. they have a new coach, don't thhy. >> they do and cleveland hasn't had a great football team in a while. >> chicago bearssat allas -owboys. >> go bears, ut you know, they're over at cowboy stadium. >> that's a hot new stadiim. >> i'm on the bears, but ww will see. >> no, we will see..3 you got to go wiih one. you are going with the bears. i will go with the cowboys -ecause i had i the hotness of the stadium is going tooget everybody pumped up. it's going down. you don't think. >> houston, texas and washington redskins? >> well. >>and there's 2 against 1. they got to talk it out.3 >> can we confer oof of ccmera? >> ou can confer. >> you may, or may not be there. we're going to have to go with
7:30 am
>> okay. you know, i grew up outside of washington but evee with that said, i'm going with the ttxans. >> we're agreeing more than we're disagreeing. >> bbt not when it comes to the -hat's all i need to take yoo down. >> if you choose the most games correctly this week, you could win $25 in gift certificates
7:31 am
7:32 am
good morning, welcome back to fox 45 morniig news. today is friday, that's right, friday, september 16th. because it's friday. that means it'' your turn to sound ff at our facebook page about anything youuwant. whht are you thinking thisú moonnng? your response could air at our facebook feedback segment. go to and beccme a fan. join in our conversation. we wwnt to hear from you. let's go to meteorologist steve3 ú%rrig and let's see what he wants to now.
7:33 am
>> friday is great news, when we have grrat weather coming our -ay. >> we are cheering but the farmers are not. >> we ave .100 of an inch rain and we needed more like you're saying. we can enjoy he nice weekend3 because there's not mmch w can do about it. the last bit of rain that moves temperatuues will climb into the low 80sslater. we start at 67 degrees not bad in baltimore. start. that front movvs off to the east and the high pressure builds in bringing us the high pressure. low 80s through tuesday next week. sunnyyand nicc but we need more rain. keeping our eye on igor and juuia. no threat to the united states3 but it's a threat to a few areas. i will tell you when in a few minutes. minutes. lauren, good ornnng. >> reporter:: we have two accidents along thh northbound lanes at northern parkway so you
7:34 am
do wwnt to stiik with falls road as an alternate route. ú%u can taaeettat the northern parkway and hoo on back to 83.ú do expect heavy delays traveling southbound. we're dealing with heavy congestioo on the west side of the bbltway. here is a live ook at liberty looo is going tt be pretty slow. an 18-minuue ride withhan average speed of only 35 mills per hour. it will remain heavy from 95 to 83, hat stretch will take you 15 mmnutes. there you're looking at an aaerage speed of 58 miles per %-nooproblems to report from whitemarsh to the beltway you're looking at a 4-minute trip with an average speed of 52 miles per hour. -hat's the traffic edge report. megan, back to you. gunfire erupts inside john hopkins hospitaa. a patient's son opens fire on a doctor, kills his mother and finally kills himself. this morning's staff at the hospital is trying to recover. with the latest on what is
7:35 am
hhppening right now. >> reporter: thankful there's nothing happening down here right now. things werr barricaded all thee3 way to here at the nelson building round 11:00 yesterday morning. it was around that time when the doctor who was treating the mother of paul warren pardus, gave a briefinggon howwthings were going. unfortunateey the news was not good. 84 years old jeen ddvis has sai3 to likelyynever walk again. at hat point pardusstook a gun from his waistband and shot dr. cohen in the stomach area expected to recover. right at that poinn the hospitaú waasput on ockdown. many areas were evacuated. s.w.a.t. team was called and the fbi was hhre. this entire area was filleddwith all of those types of people on the ground and on the air. back inside, pardus never again left ttat the roomm the curious situation, for 2 1/2
7:36 am
anything inside. eventually they sent in a robot tt take a ook around. >> inside the room, wee ere able to see thht mr. davis was down on the floor suffering from an apparent gunshot wound and that his mother was also unresponsive in her bed. intoothe room aad with he assistance of on team peesonnel determined that booh mr. davis and miss daviiswere indeed deceased. >> reporterr pplice donnt know exactly when the shots were fired. they didn't really hear them but they are treating this as a murder-suicide after all that timm. the area around here was opened up again, but obviously peopll very shaken up by this. today when they walk past this, a lot of people shaking their head and trying to get back to
7:37 am
today's work, megan. >> in ttht press conference, we heard commissiiner fred %-davis, we have been calling hm paul warren pardus. why the discrepancy ii the two games. >> reporter: ttat was from earlier in the day, he had been here with his mother who was getting reatment for various ailments and eventually that suugery we are talking about. he checkkd himself in as warren davii. after he was killed, police got his real nnme which is paul warrennpardus. he is still the son of that woman who was killed, but definitely his nameewas not warrrn davis. as things go throughout the day they ffund more information out and that ii whh the name change eventuallyy you an hear that entire coomissioner, the mayyr and the other officials. it's on our website. and clicking the doctor wounded in that
7:38 am
shooting is identifiid as dr. david b cohen. %-orthopedic surreon who attendd the school at the niversity of rochester before receiving a post-graduate degree at the hopkiis school of public health. he also completed hissresidency and did his medical fellowwhip attjohn hopkins. when the shooting happened hopkiis was put down on lockdown at joe was teeling you there. and he arriccde caused chaos for hours. some people forced to stty outside of olice lines, and others found themselves trapped inside the building. you can see the woman there mosttof the people we talked to were full of frrstratton and of3 course, worry. p> outrage, this is awful. >> i thiik it's messed up. they have the securitt, why don't they do at aamajor hospital like this where everybody from the around thh world comes here. ssock wavessthrough the shooter pa dos lived wit!!pardus lived d
7:39 am
was devoted o her and was >> it was like a 24--our job for him. when we saw him, he had her witú him. he rarely ever stayed in the house, though, the hospital was his home. >> neighbors say thaa pardus kept to himself and never spoke the sussect's brother alsoú spoke out following the shootinn and provided some insight as to the why behind thii incident. alvin gibson says that his mother had arthritis and rheumatism and even after surgery, she probably never would have been able to walk again. gibson believes that his brother paul thought he was suffering and ouldn't bear to see her that way. >> there was really, really close, he could have done anything he could. she was -- haa back problems.3 he just wanted to stay with her and to be with her as much s he >> giison says he did noo talk
7:40 am
to his brother at all yesterday before the shooting. now here is a recap of thursday'ssevvnts of the at 11:11 a.m., 50-year-old paul pardus shht a doctor at joon ú%pkins. part of that building was evacuated and police secured the floor here the shooting took place. at 1:30 police found pardus and his mother dead inside of a room from gunshot wounds. challenger gregg bernstein has increased his lead now over the race for city's sttte attorney. follow tuesday's primaries, beenstein led jessamy by 1300 votes. afterrcoonting hundreds of absentee balloos he has extended his lead by 70. bernstein supporters say it's >> we would hope that miss jess
7:41 am
jessamy would go ahead and just inevitability of theii loss. >> so many voters did not vote. if should heethis done that, miss jessamy would be in better shape. primary elections is reportedlyú began back in 1982.cordkeeping according to the unofficial numbers about 24% offthe registered voters headed to the montgomery county had the lowest turn out, just 18% showed up. on the flip side garrett county had the highest, 40%%of registerrd voters came out there.ú stay with us for latess informaaion on the november elections. you can go to 2010 for the laaest inffrmation.ú coming up improving safety ú%mbined the wheee. the challenge being issued toú
7:42 am
all teee drivers. we're dealing with two accidents on the jfx at norttern -arkway. i will have m perdue perfect portions.
7:43 am
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on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. >>if you need to have a teacher or counseeor say that. you go to our websitt at the cheers were coming from meteorologist steve fertig. he needs help in thhre..3 he is ready for this help..3
7:45 am
you're not the first one to say i need help.ú we did pick up a little bit of rain yesterday but i emphasize only ..1 .100 of an inch. hhre is what we got. -artly cloudy and will be a pretty day. southwest winds at 8 miles per hour. 70% relative humidity. the dew point is down on 60. it will keep dropping as dry air -mves in. comfortable temperatures in morning because of the clouds that wereeleft over. it keeps the temperatures from dropping as muuh. a mild start, 70 egrees at salissurr. at 54 degrees with a lightcoole3 jacket in that part of the as the front pushes through right now,,it's going to give us the drier air moving in as high pressure begins to build in our regiin. it will bring a more nootherll flow. that the frontal bo bon droa is3
7:46 am
boundary is bringing us the cooler weather. here is what we got in the tropics anddthe bay of camppche right now moving across the towarr the eastern part of ú%xico. you can see hurricane karl, that makes it a major hurricane with 120-mile-an-hour winds. -t's expected to moveeinland as a category iv hurrrcane at 2:00 this afternoon. that's the most immediate concern, but no threats to the u.s. mainland. the u.s..mainland will have nothing to worry bout except hurricane igor that will pick up ww are keeping our eyeeoo bermuda, because there definitely it's a concern. it makes it a major hurricane watch as it makes its way over3 bermuda sunday night over night into monday. then there's julia which isn't it's weakened quite a bit. only a category 11hurricane and
7:47 am
becomeea tropical hurricane.ú if you're in the eastern shore,ú nice day with temperatures getting up to 82 degrees. the central part of thh state more sunshine later in the afternoonnafter starting partly cloudy, 83 should make for aú nice day in the central part of the maryland as well wiih a 5-15-mile-an-hour wind. here is the western part of marylann, how about 75 degrees, not bad even a few degrees cooler. a northwest wind at 5-10. ppetty night and close to high.roo 81 degrees for the 82 on sunday, a couple of real pretty days coming our way a few more cloods on sunday as the next front that will be rain-ffee comes through. tuesday, 86 and 84 for your wednesday and thursday. that's a look aa the forecast. here is lauren cooke with the trafffc edge, lauren. >> reporter: hankkyou, steve. we do have serious trouble on the jfx. we have wo accidents, both on
7:48 am
along the northbound lanes at northern parkway. take falls oad to get back on the northern parkway to the jfx. if youuare traveling the west sidd of the beltway, do expect -low speeds. here is a live look at liberty road where speeds are clocking in at 23 miles per hour along outer loop. it will be slow from 795 to 95. as for theebeltway in parkville, here is a look and unfortunately tte congestion will cootinue as you make the push toward providence road. we are dealing with an accident watch out for at bossily avenueo at york road and trouble in %-dealing wiih a truck fire at route 91 at bloom road. an accident invvlving an road at halter right at brown ú%
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
it is friday and that means %-to sound off on anything thats you want. we have been asking au all morninggto let us know what is on yourrmind for our facebook feedback segment. we heard a lot from you. anthony wrote and said i'm still at shock of thh chaos that happened at john hopkins to put ooher people at riskk the circumstances about the suspect's feeling about his mother was felt but to take his life is heartless. >> i'm sendinn my warm wishes to friday toothe surgeon, doctor cohen. the victim of the shooting. get weel soon, dr. cohen. it saddens me that someone trying to save lives gets their own life put in jjopardy. weeheard that he is going to be okay. i'm tired of flyerss %-yards.ded calls and signs in i wish they had limited election
7:52 am
%-not too much longer. england. it's just around the corner. >> i'm tired of the gas prices going up and down. what is the iisue now for he price jump. stephen says, still cheering %-one is a new ather and the others have over 100,000 jobs offers when they come out. wishing the best for them as well. mary sayssit's purple friday, yay, go ravens. a lot of folks feeling that sentiment aa well. we have a big game this weekend. we hope you have a great later onnfox 45 morning news. the golden years are treating her very, very well. we talk to betty white about the secret to her success. but next buckle-up but not
7:53 am
it's the first time you're letting your daughter shop on her own. so here's your moment of truth, mom. which 3g network would you trust to run apps like family locator, when it matters most ? when you want your 3g network to work, you want verizon. upgrade your family now and get an lg env touch. or get this samsung alias for just $29.99. plus add a line for just 9.99. but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! families can connect for less at verizon.
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but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! this could be your lardestú challenge this week. today is national turn off day. we're talking about cell phones. no calls and no text when you're behind he wheel. it's a pledge drivers across the country are taking today. are a averallo with triple is -ere to tell us more. -ood morning, regina, it's always great to have you. >> light of distracted drivers
7:55 am
out there on the phone. how seriouu is it here in baltimooe. it's a serious issue not only here in baltimore but across the country.3 today aaa and the department of transportation are having a rally at 10:00 a.m. where we'reú urging everyone to turn off their cell phones and electrical devices before you get bbhind the wweel of a car. that s the message and it comes from an initiative with 17 magazine where aa a and 17 magazine work together on a survey and the results found that 86% of the young drivers acknowledge driving while distracted. of that 86%, 84% now it's chang3 russ budangerous but it's sometg they engage anyyay. >> absolutely and again across the country, more than 3500 teens dieein crashes.ú
7:56 am
nationally it's the still the number one reason ttens die. a lot of those crashes arr as a result of distracted driving. it's sometting that is more and more prevalent and aaa as well as 17 and the u.s. department of transportation are hoping that days like today, excuse me -- >> and i know, regina, i know that this is targeting teenagers but this is something that everyone can take part in and raise awareness. absolutely, it's to raise awareness. although 17 magazine partnered with aaa to do the survey. this is something we'rr encouraginn everyone to into. today will be a spring board for additiinal discussion and awareness. we wantt his to bbesomething that not just for teens but for everyyhing and something that will be a part of your driving behaviors? >> i will parricipate regina.ú >> thank you. >> we will start one at a time. >> hopefully other people turn it off ttday. great weeeend.
7:57 am
>> the clever cleaver brothers aae whipping up anothee ddlicious diih 3 -ive at hopkins hospital where jest a
7:58 am
7:59 am
%-mother.ii shot then the gunman 385 -- >> john hopkins hospital glomerulosclerosis a crimee3 scene. -- john3 hopkins hhspittl
8:00 am
glomeruloscleroois a crime scene. she is america's sweetheart, why betty white wants you to crash the suuer bowl. >> it's the one place it's hot to be ugly. the new dating site for societies less fortunate in he looks department. good morning, you're taking a live look at john hopkins hospitaa. again this is where a tragic thing happened yesterday, a murder-suiiide inside there. -e will check in with him in a little bit. welcome to fox 45 morning news on this friiay morning. i'm megan gilliland. we're going toe check i to chech meteorologist steve fertig and it's looking. >> a mixed bag in there. a nice weekend and nobody s ú%%-we are going to use sooe ran
8:01 am
after last night in the foreseeable futuree megan it's going to be a pretty start after the rain thaa moved3 through last night. we only picked uu about .100 to .100of an inch of rain. ww are going to see the dry air move in. temperatures climb nicely from 58 degrees this morning to about 83 degrees later on. we're at 67 in baltimore. 71 in d.c. and we're seeing 72 in salisbury, a mild start there. 83 is where we're headed. i will teellyou what is happening in the tropics becauue thithere's a lot of activity th. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, %-while we do have two acccdents on the jfx. both are going to be along thh northbound way at northernú parkway. you will want to stick with falls road and that back to northern to get back to the jfx. we're dealing with congestion. here is a live look at libertt road where you will notice quite
8:02 am
95. that will take you 19 minutes. there you're looking at an average sseed of 54 miles per hour. things will get worse from 99 to 83. twin-minute drive with an an average peed of 29 miles per hour. from whitemarsh bouuevard to the 44minute drive, a speed of much higher, 9 miles per hour. tte stafffof john hopkins hospital is trying to ecover this morning after a atienn's son opens fire on a doctor, kills his mother and then finally himself. joel d smith is live at the hospital to tell us how this chaoticcscene played out and actually whht is happeninggrighh now. good morning. megan. a much different scene here this morning thankfully. yesterday around 11:00 you couldn'ttget past this street. the nelson building is behind me. the 8th floor is where this all happpned.
8:03 am
at 11:00, that isswhen bad news pardus. he was talking to the doctor treating his 84-year-old mother jean ddvis. he didn't get the information he wanted as to how the surgery ú%nt and he heard that is mother may never walk again. that isswhhn he took a semiautomatic gun and shot dr. david cohen in the stomacc. we hear that dr. cohen is going -o recover thankfully. at that point everything changed the hospitallwas put on it was evaccated. the fbi was here and no onn wasted anytime getting in position..3 from the ground and the air you back inside pardus accually left the room. it was quiet for 2 1/2 hhurs. eventually police left the robot to take aapeek inside. at 2:00 p.m. they told us that pardus shot himself and killed his mother. for the doctors this is an unbelievable ordeal..3
8:04 am
>> my area is well secured, sooi sat for an hoor. what thoughts were runningg3 through your head at that point. >> that he could actually try to get in. i was actually kind of scared.3 >> everybody is scared. the patients were scared. and nobody knows what is going on. >> reporter: police really aren't sure exactly when those shots happened. once again, ii's quiet in the room in the 8th floor where the motter was for two houus3 before they figured out that nothing had happened. they are treating this as a3 murder-suicide. for the folks out here, a lot of people, stern ffces, they can't believe this happened trying to get back toonormal routine, because everything is open aggin here at john hopkins hospital. backkto normal now. joel, as this was unfolding, we ú%ports coming out. why was it so confusing. -hy was it nottin zinc. >> reportee: there wwre two separate spokes people, one from
8:05 am
hospital and one from police. ú% ggt conflicting iiformaaion. we heard it from them and that is why some the information did change. in particular, the police gave -s differeet information and first telling us that they ad shot him and he was contaiied. and later clarifying that it was a a sue ssicide that happened. that's why the viewers were at times confused as to whattwe were telling them. >> joel, thank you so much. now the doctor wounded in that shooting is being identified as dr. dvid b cohen. had he is a hopkins f faculty orthopedic surgeon. before receiving a post-graduate degree. dd. cohen completed his residency aad dii his medical fellowssip at john hopkins. when the shooting happened,
8:06 am
hopkins was put on lockdown and hours. some ppople were forreddto stay outside of police lines, others found themselves trapped inside of the builling. most offthe people we talked to were full oo frustration and others really full of worry. >> i thought it was a fire drill. >> we had to wait in the office3 ú%st wait until the police told them that it wws okay. we could come out that door. %-carss aa least 20.arked police incident, police said that the gunman's name was warren davis. they latee said that that was an alias. his real name is paul warren pardus. he is 50 years old and lived in arlington, virginii. pardus had a handgun permit in the state. -ews of the shooting sent shock waves through the arlington, neighborhood. neighbors said that parrus lived with his mother and loved her and was devoted to her and as
8:07 am
always taking her in and out of hospital. >> he had a good side and e loved his mother and that clearlyyshowed through. it clearly showed ttrough. >> if she had to go in the ambulance or aaything, he road with her. he nevee left her. i told herrwhen i seen him walking her thht she ad a great son..3 you don'' find too many sons like that. this is just hard o believe. p> neighbors also say pardus kept to himself ann never spoke of any troubles he was having. the suspect's brother spoke out following the shooting and provided insight as to the why behhnd this wholl incident. allinngibson says that his mother had arthritis and rheumatism and even after surgery, she probably never would havv been able to walk again. gibson believes that his brother, paul probably thought that she was suffering and she was. there was really ---he could have done anything he could. she was -- had some back3 problems. he just wanted to tay with her
8:08 am
and to be with her as much as he could. >> he did not talk to his the shooting happened. take a look here, here is an actual recap all of the events that appened yesterday. police saa it started at 11:11 a.m. -0 yeers old paal pardus shot a john hopkins. police secured thh floor where that shooting took place. then you can see at 1:30 p.m. police founddpardus and his mother dead inside of a room from the gunshot wwunds. challenger gregg bernstein has increased hisslead over incumbent patrrcia jessamy in bernstein leaddpatricia by 1300
8:09 am
votes and affer counting thee3 absentte ballots, heehas extended his lead by 70. they say that it's time for jessamy to concede. >> e would hope that miss jess hee who concede and roin rorecoe >> i think had voters voted miss jessamy would be in a bbtter shape. >> we are pleased to seeú absentee ballot results %-result.t with the final theevoter turn out n the primary election is reportedly the lowest since recordkeeping began back in 1982. according to the unofficialú numbers, abouu 24% oo registered voters headed to thh polls. montgomery county had the lowest ttrn out, just 188 of the people went to the polls there.3 on the flip side, garrett county had the highest, 40% of there. ssayywiih us fox 455for thee3
8:10 am
latest information on those eeections. go to 2010. it's not unheard of for someone to work for the same company for 40 years, but it's when they started working there at age 60. meet 00 years old postal worker the maryland man sttll works ix a day. say mr. wingate never misses a shift even on his 110 birthday knowing there would be a celebration in his honor, he arrived early to empty out the trash. his supervisor says he is an inspiration to everyone. -p>> i remember when i was a little boy, i asked the lorddto let me live a long time.. >> there's not an employee in this office that wouldn't move mountains for mr. win gate. >> his secret tt a loog life, not smoking, not drinking
8:11 am
sunday and most importantly eating good food. >>still ahead, feel the beat, %-coming up next in our hometoww hot spot. and there's three hurricanes
8:12 am
♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
8:13 am
it's electric. you can hear some synthesized3 sounds at electric fest. mike is live at the morning >> how is it going. the last time we saw,,you, youu are an instrument like an altoids. >> it's going to be the one of the worrshops tomorrow at electric aafest. yoor own music, is that what this is all about?ú >> yah, there's going to be lots and ots of music, workshopp, a chance for both ú%'re not only about usic but own instruments? >> mmke, that ound we're hearing is that from instruments you have made? >> yeah, aal of the sounns you hhar in the background are from homemade instruments.
8:14 am
>> that sseaaer is my favorite. amazing. >> absolutely. >> cool ssuff going on. i want to let folks how to come thank you so much. -p>> thank you. >> electric a fest is at the natiooal electric's museum at west nursery road. it's tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to if ou like to check it out, can you find ore information n pretty cool.ú that music was curiously strong. you can see the altoid box? take a look. it was an output guitar. it's going to be a dry after llttle bit of rain fell through last night..3 take a look t theeshowers that -re moving off the eastern shore and into the atllntic oceaa. that is lat of it or a while. we gotthiih pressure moving in. last night we picked up about .100 to a 10th of an inchh 100 at downtown but it's not
8:15 am
rain gage. a hazy sunshine to staat the day. west wind att10 miles per hour. that number should drop as the drier air oves in. 71 in d.c. t this hour. 72 in salisbury and 65 in hagerstown. a lot of cloud clouddcover over. now the front moves off to the east and high pressure moves to the east. we get drier air moving in from the north and cool temperatures, too behind the next front that comes through on sunday night -nto monday as high temperatures will be n the 70s then.3 the thing is thhre won't be a loo of moisture with rom font so we won't gee any rrin out of it. we are looking at real nice weathee..3 weecan use the raii but in the meantime we will enjjy the nice conditions. they are not enjoying in mexico where they are getting ready for the hurricane to make landfaal. it's category iii or higher with
8:16 am
110--mile-aa-hour winds gusting to 144. it should make landfall shown here on the tracking ild. >> now ww look at whht we have in terms of hhrrrcane igoo, briiging us storm rip currents for the ocean city area. everybody lse lookk okay with regard to making it landfall, that is not the case there, because it looks like according to this moddl, it tracks over monday. by sunday night into the folks have to be prepared for it. -therwise, julia, not much of a ouu in the atlantic.that stays it's weakening in strenggh. it moves out north ann east. ww are not conceened about julia but we are eeping an eye on the other two. look for a high temperature of 84 degrees, partly cloudy, a central part of thh state, should be nice sunshine as we move intoothe afternoonnhours. a 5-15-mile-an-hour winds will
8:17 am
ú%gin diminishing overnight too. the 79-degree high temperature for the wess will be very comfortable, with mostly sunny skies nd only a 5-10-mile-an-houu wind. look at this weekend,,we need the rain but we will enjoy this, because 81 and 82 with a lot of sunshine, definitely have a ice weekend. late in the day, on sunday that brings us more cloud cover. once again, lots of sunshine but cool ore monday and tuesday n the upper 70s..3 86, and 844for the wednesday and thursday. still with plenty offsunshine but no rain. let's see what is happening on the oadways. here is lauren cooke with the trafffc edge. lauren. >> reporter: thhnk you, steve. we are starting to see relief oo the jfx.ú both accidents have cleared from northern parkway. and do xpect delays traveling southbound as well.3 we do have trouble innbaltpor county. an accident in owings mills at reisterstown road at rosewood lane. if you're using the way, do expect slow speeds in the wess sidd at liberty road checking in
8:18 am
and taking a live look. you will notice it will be a slowwride. speeds are clocking in at the congestion will continue at harford road. there will be a slow ride as pretty crowded as au mak as youe %-no problems to report at route 100. you can see it's wide open3 making for a nice, easy ride as you mmke your way up toward the we are dealing with an accidenn in annapolis right downtown at west street at chhrry grove avenue that you want to watch outtfoo. megan, back to you. p>> thanks,,laurenn still ahead, she is white hot. bete whiie tells us her plans for the super next get geared football, get ready with a
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
%-hot.te that is so cool, it's this week the clever cleaver brothers say throw a haal mary with the triple reverse cucumber >> together we're the cleaver clever brothers. >> today's chief play is riple cucumber salad. >> we will are the dressing. >> we are with one half cup of the calabedaaextra virgin olive oil. the oil is grown in itall and >> how about some garlic. >> 2, 3, cloves? >> whht is your favorite. >> dijon style mustard. -p>> how about that oregon. >> evennthough itts fresh, we
8:22 am
like the dehydrated because it has the oncentrated flavor. >> we are putting in a little bit of pepper. >> that's what you wwnt to do, mix this up. you can adjust the seasoning and a little more pepee and make thú dressing ahead of tiie. look at the side of that bad boy. >> we goo cucumber, you peeled it, yyu can take all the peel off or some of theepeel likeewe did. you can see how beautiful that was, isn't thht eck connraat tiie. >> we are going to -- deck >> just feel free to put that on the decooative forum.3 ú% we re going to ut the chhery tomatoes fresh in the middle. cut iito chunks, italian style throwing it in the top. >> you may be saying why does that man use his hands. the chef's hands are the best
8:23 am
>> we are going tooput the dressing over theetop. we are going to dooit italian style right over the top. >> there ou have it, folks, triple reverse, cccumber and tomato salad, best ishes andd3 best dishee. to get today'' recipp you %-and go to the morning newsm section..3 you can add that your tailgate. p>> noomatter wwere you areú from, we are looking for you ravens fans toosend us your photos showing the purple pride. >> still to come, it's an age-old question, the scientific answer to oes money buu happiness? >> and next, she is aerica's sweetheert. betty white shares her secret to her decades of
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
me shall be america's decades. now betty white is hotter than ever. after picking up her 7th emmy for hosting saturday ight show and several mooies. she is not slowing down anytime soon. now she is rashing the super bowl. dore at this times at this!dori3 to talk with us. >> i appreciate that. >> you know you are loved here. onn of our executive producers ú%s invited her to her wedding is. >> is thathat's right. as a matter of fact i was invited to her bbidal shower. you are in cuutome commerciad
8:27 am
movies. what dd you think of it. >> i'mmexcited to be working with doritos it's the crash off3 there's $5 million up for grabs bb creating your own commercial, bowl next february, and it opens all kindssof dooos. tto boys from indianapolis who had never been in show business won ast yeer. they won a million dollars and they have beennin advvrtisingú business all year. ravens to go to the super bowl. >> oh, sure. you had the golden girlss3 which was an amazinggsqueeze, now you're still going strong. how do you keee your career going and keep everybody loving you of all generations. >> oh, my godness, i don't know if that is true or not.
8:28 am
i'm blessed the best thing you actors like to take credittfor good performances, but the real stars the people are the people who put it on the page. if it's not on the paper, you can't do it. >> what is your most memorable mommet, what do yoo like best. >> that is a hard choice, between mary tyler moore, and i have to say the golden girls. on mary the most i did ii one season is 12 shows out of 22. the rest of the time i was on 5 or ssx shows. %-was fun.y week on golden girls >> it's so great to continue to see you and the your commercials are hysterical. and saturday night live i nnver thought i would see you hosting that. >> it was sure fun, it was scary but it was fun.
8:29 am
>> betty, thank you so muchh we excited to see you at the super bowl and the continued commercials as well. good luck to you. thank you, and please join the dooitos contest. >> i will win that money. >> thank you, betty. you are watching fox 45 morning news, all local all morning. 3
8:30 am
8:31 am
%-to fox 45 mmrning ews. back and welcome b to the weekend. let's check in with meteorologist steve ertig and shape up for the weekend. >> it's going to shape up great. we need more rain and we got .100 of an inch. this is what you will find, au few showersspushing off to the east out of our way. drier air moves in back in. in thh place where high pressure brings us a good weekend to come. and miid airrin place and 63 degrees that coming at %-winds will die down as you get into the latter part of the day
8:32 am
as well. i will tell youuwhat is happening in the tropics. deal with i will let you know who is ggong to deal with them %-west. move further toward the here is what is happening on the roadways with lauren cooke. >> if you're traveling on the jfx, you two expect slower speeds due to sllwer accidents ú% northern parkway. unfootunately it will be a slow ride traveling south as well. as ou head to the south, here issa look at liberty road. you nntice theeouter loop is going to be slow. ride, from 795 to 95 with an avvrage speed of 2 mmles per hour. %-make your way to you that stretch will take you 22 minutee. fortunately to problems to report on the northeast corridor - have 95 frommwhitemarsh to the beltway a 4-minute trip with a high average speed of 54 miles per hour. that's the traffii edge report. megan, back to you.
8:33 am
guufire erupts inside joon ú%pkins hospital. a patient's son opens fire on a doctor, kills his mother and finally he kills himself. this morning's staff at the hospital is trying to reccver. ú%el d smith is live there with the latest on what is happening and how folks are dealing with the latestt good morning joel. >> reporter: gooddmorning, megaa, everybody had to deal with this in their own way.ú a lot of people had to come her3 with grim faces but trying to get back to work and get back to normal as ccallenging as that is. the barricade came out this far because the nelson building behind me is where this happened on the 8th floor around 11:00..3 here is how it went down. builddng that s where paul warren pardus was talking to the doctors..3 that information he didn't like saying that the surgery diddnot go well this week, saying thaa she was probabby neeer going to walkkagain. that is when she took the shot
8:34 am
out of the waistbaad and shot the doctor he was talking to david cohen. that doctor will recover. the hospital wwnt on lockdown. some areas were evacuated. swat teams came in. the fbi was here and weet on tte ground and the air. things got quiet. pardus came back in the room an3 nevvr came back out again. for 2 1/2 hours, police waited and the they finally sent aarobo lock around. oo the ground suffering -- mm. davis wassdown on the ground suffering from an apparent gunshot woond nd his mother wa3 alss unresponsive in her bed. into the oom, and with he assistance of on team medical personnel determined that both
8:35 am
mr. davis ann miss ddvis were indeed deceased. >> reporter: police say they don't know exactly when the shots were fired ddring the 2 1/2 hours but ttey are treating this as a murrer-suicide. aalot f information was coming out during the moments that tti3 occurred. we got differenttnames for the shooting. %-are telling you now is paule warren pardus but it was avid warren because when he was working with his motter, he used an alias. that is part of the problems to understandinggwhht was happening. eventually all of the3 iiformation did ccme out. a lot of people were doing different things that weree3 different spokes people. it eventually got worked out and today itts back to normaa. ú%spital. joel d smithh fox 45 morning thank you, joel. you can hear the entire news conference from the police commissioner, the mayor and other officials, it's on our website. and clicking on
8:36 am
raw news slither into a scaly weeken3 show -- the mid-atlantic reptile show. and tim is here.3 we are learning just hoo inpredictable the reetiles can be. tell usswhat we have here. >> this is dorsey, a mountaintory tis, she is relieving herself, sorry about that. >> she is shy on camera. >> dorsey is 75 years old. 150 years.mately and they live this year is the mid-atlantic show and all the mopp money i m. >> she is truly beautiful and so not a turtle you see often. tell us where you got her.
8:37 am
this i it's amazing. >> a lost these turtles, i have gotten off f the live seafood marret at malayssa. it's easy to ake the choice, eat t or breed it. i would rather breed itt >> have you a colony of them. you're trying to form one so yyu can breee them and continue them. >> i know we got to open the bucket and i think can guess what is probably inside here. it's not a reptile shoo without those things that slitherr >> what is it, tim. >> this is a snake from new >> she is a little wet, i better not hand her to you. >> this issnnt going to bite me or be poisonous or anything? >> no, no, this is a captive born animal by the way. all the reptiles at the show will be captive born. -e don't believeein selling wild animals to the public. >> so it's really just the come
8:38 am
and look and be amazee at some the amazing animals. like that ne. can you seeethis up close and personal. listen to him. that is also arcy moving around. >> they have an extra flap of sounds almost like a >> what kinds of snakes are you going to have there? >> there will be thousands of snakes. >> ii's a great time. you don't have to buy anything necessarily - laughter ] ú% that's a little too close there. >> we support the rain forest ú%d the nature cooservative. if you want to check these guys out in person, you can. hopeful leahopefully, everyone t and check the reptile show.3 >> go to our website at foxbaltimore.coo. i'm seeing the snake tongue slithering out. goodness. they sayymoney doosn't guy -appiness, but does science
8:39 am
agree. yes, i'm capitalizing on people being ugly. >> and laterr looking for love in all the right places. thh new dating site devoted entirely to today is the day i double down. [ male announcer ] the kfc double down. double meat, double cheese, double bacon.
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double awesome. get yours today. so good. ♪ so s-o g-double-o-d good
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>>rain is moving off to the east, we are could use more but we are not getting any in the hazy sunshine, winds out of the west at 12 miles per hour..3 77% relative humidity, look at the temperattres, pretty mild becauseewe had a lot of cloud cover overnight and it kept temperatures from dropping. 71 in d.c. up in hagerstown, 61 and cooler in oakland where it's dryyng out quicker and it's in the higher elevations so it would be cooler. the front brought us last my. it pushes off to the eastt we get a nootherly flow of air that will bring dry air our way and pleety of sunshine. the next front that pushesú ú%rough on sunday night brings only a few degreeecooler air but no air with it because it will be moisture starved. meanwhile, noo moisture starved is hurricane karl which has plenty of fuel and in fact strengthened category iii hurricane. 120-mile-an-hour winds gusting
8:43 am
to 144. maybe the category iv hurricane, at leass a category iii should make landfall by 2:00 according to the model. hurricaae igor, category iii ú% strong currents if you areing headed to ocean city ttis weekend. otherwise we're watching bermuda, because it's oing to be in the line of fire with the 120-mile-an-hour winds. catergory ii or 33as it makes landfall accooding to this model. that would be sunday night into monday. julia ii not much of a factor, julia is behaving herrelf. as it streng ens in th strengtht latch ticatlantic occan. for us nothing but nice weather conditions. looking for a high of 84. central part of the state also, beautiful today getting up to 83 deggees with mostly sunnyúskt
8:44 am
to the ay. we enjoy the warmer air.úú%and t moste sunny witt a orthwest wind at 5-10. real retty niggt and tomorrrw, 81 degrees, mostly sunny, 82 on sunday, just a few more clouds coming n with the next front ú%attpushes through sunday night, no rain, 78, and 79, cooler behind the front n monday and tuesday, 86 and 84 as we warm back uppwith a more and thuusday, but still no rain in sight in the next 7 days. we need toobring back lauren cooke who has a check on the traffic edge. >> reporter: lauren. >> thank you, steve, it's going ú% be a slow ride this if you are using the jfx. traffic willlbe jammed back to 28th street and do exppct the sloo ride traveling southbound as well. we do have an accident in owings mills that we want to watch out for at rose wood lane. if you're using the beltway, do expect slow speeds in theewest side. checking in and taking a live look at liberty road.
8:45 am
you will notice the outer loop is going to be look slow. you're looking at 26 miles per hour there. ii you're traveling the beltway at parkville, not much relief.ú tess going tit's. it's going to be a low ride. if you're using the tunnels, fortunately to probbems to report, traveling through the fort mchenry tunnel. ú%at is your traffic edgee3 megan, back to you. thanks, lauren, do you think you're as funny as fox. if you are, then you can laugh all the way to the bank. make your best, cllan jokes on the website at ann you caa win really valuable prizes. we wwll pick three winners next tuesday. tons of great stuff, including a slide hd caaera. a wii game and console and a country pack. lots of good stuff. this ffll.tch alllgood comedies catch he season premier of glee ú%xt uesday night at 8:00.
8:46 am
the series premier of aising hope at 9::0 and the series %-lots oo stuff to make at 9:30.
8:47 am
>>hey, it's half offf bear in
8:48 am
the square has a great deal for you this morring. for $12.50 you can get a -25 gift certifiiate. methey brought model casey in here. thii looks amazing smght you set tell us what youudo ttere. >> there in the square, what we care. stephanie and i both work in the spa environment, for a long time we decided that between us we riddof theedistractions of hair specialized organic skin care. services from facial to body waxing. it's probably of the best in baltimmre, and we do highly customized facials. we don't have a ne ppice fiis all treatment. we look at your skinnand can he do a deep analysis and we follow
8:49 am
through with whatever treatment we feel is appropriate for you. our facial servicee have very widely recognized and we do great work. >> relaxing too, the smell of that makes me feel relaxing and i'm not laying down on the table. that is just the start of what you offer as well. in addition to the facials, what >> we o message therapy. we do -- we do massage the ther. and e do essenttal oils and treatmentssand detoxing treatments. >> if doesn't ake you go, h. >> i doo't know what will. tell everybody where youure located. >> 2235 o'donald street at canton square riggt in the there's wonderful restaurants and pllces to walk. it's a lovely area with ple pley of washinn. w-- offing and we have of parkie
8:50 am
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and you're looking to date, one canadian website developer has got the answer for you. he says that swam's dream that start datin usiig is dating si, it's specifically for ugly this idea is rubbing fooks the wrong way. >> here it is. >>ugly >> it's a dating website and specifically for unattractive people.ú >> joe de luca ii the toronto college grad behind theeugly >> this is a central community for them to get tooether and
8:57 am
meet others liie themselves. >> ugly people need love, too, man. >> posting your profile for love, costs you about $13 a for a membership. >> i think that is very judgmental and that is not goinn to be very good. to diiide people between beautiful and ugly people, it puts a perception among people of what is ugly is what is not. >> you're capitalizing on people being ugly? >> yes, i'm capitalizing on people beiig uggy. i'' giving these people a tool to build relationships. ú%that group by supporttng a ni3 like that. >> reporter: but there's a catch. even if you are slightly handsome, or pretty, well this is wwere things can get ugly. >> to make it exclusive, we have a system where members can vote otherrmmmbers out ffr too attractive. >> i have a concern with reggrdú to ugly shrkking you shmuckses n
8:58 am
is that he may be exploiting otters with their feelings. ú% de luca feels confident that his community will grow. beauty isn't heree it's in here. no site can monitor that. no worries. i have nevee seen anything like that bbfore. >> no, i don't think it's -- >> whaa is cute, and wwat is beautiful is a little character there. who ii this little guy? >> he is not an ugly duckling but he is a dog. he is a luke and he needs a home. he is 5 months old and he is a labrador retreefer. aad h!!reretriever and he %-weather wise, take a walk with the puppy. it's going to be 83 degrees with mostlyyclear skies after the crowdiecloudier start.
8:59 am
we are going to be void of rain for next 7 days. sseaking of void, remember to take that dog out if you do pick him up. 82 on sunday, 78 and 79 for the monddy and tuesday, 86 and 84 rounding ut the seven-day forecast. we need the rain. >> i feel bad for those people ffrming, but it's pretty great. >> luke, heeis a cutie. he needs a home. >> take hii home. he needs yyu. we had a lot of animals. we will see animals on the field forrthe ravens game. we will see you backkhere on monday. we will end this show with -ave a great one. ♪ ♪


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